An Update on Dr. E. Scott Geller's Recent Work

Attendees of the 2nd Annual Appalachian State University Safety Summit were able to learn from one of the leading experts in behavioral safety, Dr. E. Scott Geller. His dynamic and informative presentation on how Actively Caring enhances a culture of safety in the workplace was one of the many highlights at this past May’s Summit.

This past October, Geller's contributions to behavioral safety were honored by the National Safety Council (NSC) at its 2016 Congress and Expo. The NSC paid tribute to both Geller and motivational safety speaker, Charlie Morecraft, for reaching over 100,000 participants with their keynote discussions during the past 10 consecutive years. 

Most recently, Scott’s knowledge and past research can be explored in his textbook, Applied Psychology: Actively Caring for People, published in March 2016 (click here to purchase). Additionally, Scott is working to secure a grant from the MacArthur Foundation that would help The National Center for Prevention of Community Violence collaborate with the Virginia Tech Center for Applied Behavior Systems to further advance and understand the important consequences of the Actively Caring for People (AC4P) movement.

His “Actively Caring for People” movement, which began more than 20 years ago, is a meaningful, powerful, and much-needed initiative that focuses on applying behavioral psychology principles to encourage individuals to be their best selves and better the lives of those around them. His expertise has led to the creation of manuals for both police officers and school teachers.

To see all the work that Scott’s students are putting into the AC4P movement, click here. You can also order wristbands for your team!

Scott Geller of the Virginia Tech Department of Psychology talks about the Actively Caring for People Movement and his desire to reach out to police departments and schools worldwide.
Timothy Ludwig