Thank You for Attending! Alumni Feedback from the Second Annual Summit

Based on our Alumni's valuable feedback, our second annual Summit proved to be a HUGE success! Most of you told us that not only would you plan on being a "conference regular," but that you'd actively recruit others to experience future summits! 

Here a few of the highlights from our Summit Alumni's comments:


"You all nailed it for me. It was a good conference. Speakers were excellent, right on topics for us; keep it up!"

"Dr. Ludwig's presentation at the end was great! I attended Krista Geller's breakout session. I took 4 pages of notes in her session. The entire Summit was great. I actually enjoyed every speaker."

"I would have loved to be a student in one of [Scott Geller's] classes!"

"[Shawn Bergman is a] really great presenter and had a great presentation; I learned some new ways of looking at the numbers! Shawn made the session so interesting and kept everyone engaged."

"I really loved [Krista Geller's] breakout session on "Cultivating an Actively Caring for People Culture." [She] kept it lively and interesting and is an excellent speaker."

"[Manny Rodriguez is an] excellent presenter; I learned a lot on hazard recognition and risk tolerance. Manny's breakout session "20 performance hacks" would make a great topic for one of longer presentations next year!"


A BIG "Thank You" to our attendees of the Second Annual Summit! We look forward to seeing you May 30th & 31st for another informative and exciting two days!

Timothy Ludwig