An Update on Dr. E. Scott Geller's Recent Work

Attendees of the 3rd Annual Appalachian State University Safety Summit were able to learn from one of the leading experts in behavioral safety, Dr. E. Scott Geller. Dr. Geller gave an enlightening presentation on the seven evidence-based guidelines for improving the quality and increasing the frequency of desirable behaviors in order to prevent the occurrence of unintentional injuries and fatalities; and enhance work productivity, environmental sustainability, and life satisfaction. 

His “Actively Caring for People” (AC4P) movement, which began more than 20 years ago, is a meaningful, powerful, and much-needed initiative that focuses on applying behavioral psychology principles to encourage individuals to be their best selves and better the lives of those around them. His expertise has led to the creation of manuals for both police officers and school teachers.

Dr. Geller recently returned from a trip to Hawaii where he was the keynote speaker for the Hawaii Association for Behavioral Analysis's 13th Annual Convention. n addition to speaking about his seven lessons, Dr. Geller also played a new AC4P song, which was produced in Nashville, called "Here to Share and Care" by James Kevin O'Connor and Rachel Williams. The song reflects the interpersonal compassion, sharing, and caring of the AC4P movement. Check out the song, which is available on iTunes! 

Scott’s knowledge and past research can be explored in his textbook, Applied Psychology: Actively Caring for People, published in March 2016. This year, Scott published three more books, The Motivation to Actively Care, The Courage to Actively Care (with a foreward by Dave Johnson, who will be speaking at the upcoming Summit) and Life Lessons from Psychological Science. Additionally, Dr. Geller has been working with former colleague from Bemidji University on another book, titled Caring for Your Child: An Evidence-Based Manual for Effective Parenting, which utilizes the seven lessons of behavioral science in a book for parents. These new books are available for purchase online or at the upcoming Summit!

Following in her father's footsteps, Dr. Krista Geller will be speaking at the next Summit! Krista, who earned her Ph.D. in human development and a certificate in gerontology from the Virginia Tech, now works as a leadership and development regional manager for Bechtel Corp. Krista spent many years helping her dad with his research, gaining experience that helped shape her education and career path. The Gellers have collaborated for many years, and we look forward to having her as a speaker in May. 

Scott continues to promote the movement of AC4P. To see all the work that Scott’s students are putting into the AC4P movement, click here

Timothy Ludwig