Aubrey Daniels Continues to Change the World!

Our past Summit keynote speaker, Aubrey Daniels, has continued his work in hopes of changing the world. For those that missed the 2017 Summit, Aubrey is one of the top experts on human behavior, specializing in management, leadership, and workplace safety. As founder of the Atlanta-based consulting firm, Aubrey Daniels International (ADI:, he and his team provide behavioral solutions to help organizations enhance the performance of their employees, while still promoting a culture of safety. 

At the 2017 Appalachian Safety Summit, his presentation focused on examining the actual impact behavioral safety practices are having on the workplace.  Aubrey believes that even though most people don't understand some of the concepts, behavior-based approaches are perfect for safety initiatives.  Aubrey noted that when it comes to safety practices in the workplace, “If you’re not getting a large change, you’re not doing it right.”

This type of large change can be seen in Aubrey’s work with Fit Learning, a learning center with a mission to transform the learning abilities of all children to achieve greatness in their communities and beyond. The Atlanta clinic of of Fit Learning was opened in May 2017 and is using a behavioral methodology that is the only in the world to combine the most highly tested and researched methods into one comprehensive, instructional approach. The result is a profoundly transformative process for Fit’s students who consistently show one year of academic growth in as little as 40 hours, with many students reaching 2 years of growth within 40 hours.Click here to learn more about Fit Learning!

Aubrey spoke at the Behavioral Safety Now 2017 Conference, which took place October 10-12 in his keynote titled, “Making Behavior Change Last: Reducing errors by preventing behavioral drift”. Aubrey spoke regarding the “safety plateau,” a well-known phenomenon in safety where improvements begin to level off and often fail to improve. Aubrey presented information necessary to maximizing and sustaining long term safety results in order to avoid such a plateau. Click here learn more about the conference and Aubrey’s presentation.

Timothy Ludwig