Total Safety Culture: A Unique Perspective

Connie Engelbrecht spoke at the last Summit along with her daughter, Marnie Steyn. Connie and Marnie have been impacting the lives of Africans through safety for over a decade. Together, they walked the audience through an emotional case study highlighting how ignorance can kill people and how respect for others and their culture can keep people alive in the workplace. Connie had made it her mission in life to bridge the myths about technology dividing and separating people. She accomplished this mission by developing her smartphone app, Total Safety Culture App (TSC-App), which embraces human intervention by creating a powerful tool that empowers people to intervene on behalf of each other. This revolutionary software helps create a safety culture that is proactive instead of reactive.

Her desire to understand South Africa's unique ways workers take risks inspired her to examine why employees perform certain acts. With that information, Connie and her team built a solution to assist these employees in dealing with this kind of mistreatment.

Connie provided audience members at the Safety Summit with a unique perspective, delivering information about people in other countries as they may face more challenges daily than we can ever expect in America. Audience members were educated on those unique challenges within South Africa, while also allowing attendees to draw parallels to their respective organization's challenges. 

To learn more about Total Safety Culture App, LTD., their technology, and services, visit their website at

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Timothy Ludwig