2017 Summit Speaker Spotlight: Connie Engelbrecht!

The Safety Summit prides itself on providing an intimate and informative two-day experience for its attendees. We believe that our attendees stand to learn the most when they can deeply explore esteemed speakers' insights.

We are thrilled to have Connie Engelbrecht, Director of Total Safety Culture App, LTD., as a very special speaker this year! Connie has many years of experience in guiding organizations on best practices for a safe workplace that are based on the principles of Actively Caring, Connie and her team (headquartered in South Africa) have developed revolutionary software that helps create a safety culture that is proactive instead of reactive. 

"I was introduced to the field of safety more than 15 years ago as an on-site safety professional and experienced first-hand the manner in which management treated employees here in South Africa. As a woman, I was exposed to the same treatment and developed an understanding of the frustrations employees experience at work," Connie says.

Her desire to understand why Africa's condoned ill-advised risky behaviors led her to determine why employees perform certain acts. With that information, Connie and her team built a solution to assist these employees in dealing with this kind of mistreatment.

Connie sees her presentation at the Appalachian Safety Summit as an opportunity to share her experiences with the hope of making an impact on those who have an impact on others' lives.

"Do not come to the Summit with pre-determined ideas about what you expect to hear. Come to the Summit with an open mind and heart expecting to learn about... other people in other countries as they may face more challenges daily than you can ever expect," Connie says.

Her Summit presentation will educate audience members on the unique safety challenges within South Africa, while also allowing attendees to draw parallels to their respective organization's challenges. 

"South Africa, and the rest of Africa, has so many diverse cultures with diverse behaviours that form part of each culture," Connie says. "[This diversity] has to be taken into consideration when assessing safety cultures within companies. My interest is comparing these diversities with the guidelines given by academics, to [enable] behavioural change within [workforces]."

According to Connie, effectively implementing behavioral change requires "taking observations into the 21st Century." Total Safety Culture App, LTD.'s application was created for organizations, all over the globe, to do just that! 

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Timothy Ludwig