Dr. E. Scott Geller Returns to the 2017 Summit!

This is big. We are excited to announce that Dr. E. Scott Geller (VA Tech & Safety Performance Solutions) will be returning to the Summit stage this year!

Our 2016 Summit keynote speaker, Geller will bring his world-class behavioral safety expertise when he hosts:

  •  A Pre-Conference Workshop on May 30th.

That's FOUR hours of Dr. E. Scott Geller in a small group setting!

  • A W.R.A.P. Session (With a Really Important Professor) to close the Conference on May 31st. 

Do NOT miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from one of the leading experts in the field, all in a more intimate setting.
For more details regarding Geller’s Pre-Conference Workshop & W.R.A.P. Session topics, click here
*Have you registered, yet? Good. If not, we encourage you to hurry! This announcement is sure to see a rapid race to register for our Pre-Conference Workshops and SPACE IS LIMITED! Click here to guarantee access to numerous behavioral safety heavy-hitters.  


Timothy Ludwig