2017 Summit Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Aubrey Daniels

Meet Our Summit Keynote Speaker: Aubrey Daniels!

Keynote speakers of Summits-past have all been informative and innovative. This year's keynote speaker, Aubrey Daniels, proves to be no exception!

Aubrey is one of the top experts on human behavior, specializing in management, leadership, and workplace safety. As founder of the Atlanta-based consulting firm, Aubrey Daniels International, he and his team provide internationally sought-out solutions to help organizations enhance the performance of their employees, while still promoting a culture of safety. 

Aubrey says that he was drawn to the field because he believes that even though most people don't understand some of the concepts, behavior-based approaches are made for safety initiatives. 

His presentation, which will focus on examining the actual impact behavioral safety practices are having on the workplace, covers a topic he's extremely passionate about. 

“I’ve worried about this for a long time. People say they are making improvements with regards to safety, but the improvements aren’t enough. The challenge to safety people is to begin to really look at the impact, and I’m afraid that some people are reinforced by small improvements when we should have larger improvements. If you’re not getting a large change, you’re not doing it right,” Daniels says.

Daniels believes that attendees might be surprised that when they look at the data on the impact that safety initiatives have had in the workplace, they won't be able to see where behavior-based safety has a made real difference. Although he welcomes the argument against his claim, he says that the field needs to better demonstrate its impact.

"We've had enough time... If you can't see a difference, you're doing something wrong," Daniels says. 

A conference presenter veteran, Daniels says his favorite thing about presenting is when "people laugh at his jokes," and when he gets to see the faces of the audience and their responses that in turn, shape him. 

Attendees take note: In addition to laughing at Daniels' jokes, he implores you to "get serious about understanding behavioral analysis and the science of it" while you attend the Summit. 

"You don't go to a conference and learn a science. You need to go back and make the effort to try to understand the science behind it all, or you're going to muddle along."

We can't wait to hear more from this leading expert at this year's Summit! We look forward to learning (and laughing) with Daniels on May 31st!

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Timothy Ludwig