Meet the Speakers: Get Ready for a Good Time with John Drebinger

Our 2018 Safety Summit Speaker, John Drebinger, is a unique dude.  You see, John is a professional magician. Hired 28 years ago by Pacific Gas and Electric, he was asked to do magic at a safety kickoff for their Modesto, California Fleet operation. Using safety as the “magic word,” he used the company’s safety statistics to write three magic routines, which taught their safety principles and the rest is safety magic history.
John is well known for his fun and memorable safety meetings. Many of his programs go beyond entertainment as they also teach safety communication principles. He loves being in front of new audiences to share his ideas and concepts with more people. He says, “It’s about making the biggest impact possible and getting as many people home safely as a result of my work. I also love speaking and every audience allows me to do what I love for a career.”
Over the years John “discovered how many safety professionals had life-saving information and were terrible at presenting it, their sessions were boring and ineffective.” This sparked a vision in John of teaching safety leaders how to effectively convey their message. Thus, John developed his popular “Mastering Safety Communication” course (you can sign up for John’s post conference workshop and experience some of the course!).
John’s Summit presentation will focus on a combination of his two programs, Would You Watch Out For My Safety? For Effective Leaders and Mastering Safety Communication. All attendees will receive a free copy of his book, “Would You Watch Out For My Safety?” that has sold over 80,000 copies to date.  John suspects that the magic will be a unique addition to the Summit experience and suggests that if attendees want to improve their presentation skills, they should pay attention to the techniques of the speakers at the Summit, as each of the speakers are excellent examples of effective presentation styles.
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Timothy Ludwig