Meet the Speakers: Creative Disruption with Dave Johnson Editor, Industrial Safety & Hygiene News

Our 2018 Summit Speaker Dave Johnson (Editor of Industrial Safety & Hygiene News) first learned about behavioral safety after hearing Dr. Scott Geller speak at safety conferences in the 1980s (Dr. Geller’s daughter, Krista, will be speaking at this year’s summit!).

 Dave recalls Scott first using behavioral safety to promote seat belt usage among Ford Motor Co. employees. Dave later learned that Gene Earnest, former safety director for Procter & Gamble, used behavioral safety in the 1970s at P&G. From then on, the behavioral-based safety bandwagon flew out of the station in the 1990s.
Dave’s Summit presentation will focus on “disruption” in the safety and health field, also known as creative destruction, the old giving way to the new. This disruption refers to the incessant product and process innovation mechanism by which new production units replace outdated ones.  Creative destruction is evident in technological advances that make old tools obsolete, such as the phone that you can wear like a watch.
Creative destruction in the safety and health world? We will see it in a number of innovations such as robotics, smart factories, autonomous vehicles, wearables, mobile devices with checklists for audits and reporting, predictive analytics, wireless communications, metric-tracking software dashboards, and software advances in training, hazard recognition, and the potential to wirelessly connect all workers to a centralized safety monitoring platform.  Dave says that disruption is also a matter of changing demographics, with baby boomer safety professionals retiring and a next generation assuming leadership roles.
Disruption can have unintended consequences, some of which Dave will discuss during his presentation.  While attendees of the upcoming Summit will certainly gain insight from Dave, he also encourages attendees to pick the brains of fellow attendees. You can also learn a lot from each other!

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Timothy Ludwig