Meet the Speakers: Integrating Behavioral Safety (BBS) and Human Organizational Performance (HOP) with Dr. Josh Williams

2018 Summit Speaker, Dr. Josh Williams had his passion for behavioral safety ignited by his doctoral advisor, Dr. E. Scott Geller. For the last 20 years, Josh has been a senior consultant with Safety Performance Solutions where he has been exploring areas of safety culture, behavioral safety, advanced communication skills, and human performance to improve workplace cultures and prevent injuries and fatalities. 
Williams’ presentations will focus on the integration of behavioral safety (BBS) and human and organizational performance (HOP). Behavioral safety has its foundations in the science of behavior, a scientific field of study called Behavior Analysis. Behavior Analysis seeks to understand behavior by looking at the environmental contingencies that influence behavior, past and present. The foundation of HOP is in the work of Sidney Dekker and James Reason, and focuses on the human element in safety. It explores the assumption that human error is inevitable and that error is a symptom of problems within organizational systems.
When asked to name one interesting element of his presentation that will shock the audience, Josh stated, “BBS and HOP are complimentary approaches that should be used in an integrated fashion.” Instead of viewing them as competing, he hopes to inspire their combined utilization in order to prevent injuries and fatalities. Josh will be presenting his views on BBS and HOP right before Rick Pollock’s keynote presentation. Rick, a former ASSE President, is renowned for his work in HOP. This should be an interesting discussion.
Josh’s favorite thing about presenting at conferences is interacting and engaging participants, learning from their challenges and experiences, and hopefully providing information that will help them at their worksites. He encourages attendees to network with other participants, pick their brains, and have fun!  

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