Meet the Speakers: Using Analytics to Keep People Safe with Dr. Shawn Bergman

Our 2018 Safety Summit Speaker, Shawn Bergman, was drawn to the behavioral safety field by the Safety Summit which he found as “an opportunity to apply my analytics research to an area that has a lot of underutilized data .  I really like the chance to apply what I know about research design and statistics to helping keep people safe on their jobs.”

This year, Shawn’s presentation will focus on statistics and quantitative methods-- fields he has always been passionate about. “Companies doing behavioral safety have a lot of data and information left unused.  The application of analytics can help safety professionals get the most out of the information they have collected and proactively intervene to reduce the likelihood of injury.”
Shawn hopes to surprise his audience by encouraging them to consider analytics as more than just numbers.  “[Analytics] is about people.  People generate the data, ask the questions, use the results, and ultimately determine how effective analytics will be in solving a problem.  Thus, my presentation is going to be less about numbers and predictive models, and more about people and how to use the insight that analytics can provide. “
To get most out of your Summit experience, Shawn encourages attendees to network with the other professionals at the conference.  “There are lot of outstanding people at the conference that are dedicated to helping keep people safe on the job.  Building those relationships can help everyone be better at their job and keep people safe. “
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Timothy Ludwig